Increase your storage capacity instantly

Build a new RESIDENTIAL garage at your house in Endicott, NY and Binghamton, NY

Quit parking your car on the street or leaving your toolkit in the living room. Lexren designs and installs gorgeous garages for homeowners in Binghamton, Vestal, Endicott, Johnson City, Owego, Windsor, Harpursville, NY and many other surrounding areas! Increase your storage space today by choosing a team of professionals to install the perfect garage at your home.

What are you waiting for? Hire Lexren today to build your new garage with high-quality materials.

Does your new home need a garage INSTALLATION?

There's a reason so many homeowners have garages. You can:

  • Keep your car safe from theft or weather damage
  • Protect your tools from rust or theft
  • Install a guest suite above the carport
  • Increase your home's storage space
No matter why you want a new garage, you can trust Lexren to make it look perfect. Call 607-245-6217 right now to speak with one of our talented builders about your residential garage plans.


  1. Request An Estimate
  2. We will come right to your home to inspect and measure the area your new garage will go
  3. Our expert will help your find the right style and fit for your residential garage
  4. Once the plans are finalized, we will get to start the garage installation promptly
  5. Enjoy your new garage space!