What's Cooking in Your Kitchen?

Kitchen should be designed around what's truly important- fun, food, family & friends.

Has your kitchen seen better days? Are your appliances outdated? Do you need new flooring? Lexren offers kitchen remodeling services that will take your space from boring to beautiful.

Our experienced home remodelers will work within your budget to create an amazing space that’s great for entertaining, cooking and dining in casual comfort. We are experienced with flooring, plumbing and repairs to make your kitchen a place you’ll love spending time in.

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5 benefits of kitchen remodeling

When you decide to upgrade your current cooking space, Lexren will talk to you about your goals and desires for what the new kitchen should include. There are numerous benefits to kitchen remodeling, including:

  1. Adding value to your home
  2. Improving your kitchen’s energy efficiency
  3. Updating the space
  4. Increasing comfort and function
  5. Making necessary repairs
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Gerard and Nate finished installing our corner cabinet, hooked up our dishwasher and sink, completed some molding, carried away extra materials and added resistors to our cabinet doors to prevent them from opening too wide. They were so kind and professional! We look forward to asking them to help on a future project in 2022! And their customer service is very helpful and patient!

Patsy Lou

Troy was a help in designing and scheduling the projects. All of the work was performed by talented professionals. I would recommend LEXREN for any work you need done.

Mac MacGiver